Guide to American Traditions and Culture

American culture

Think big, dream big Americans are known to like and endorse everything big, be it food, cars or dreams. Americans do not compromise on luxury. You’ll find massive SUV’s and large trucks sprawling across parking lots and in the food sector as well. Most restaurants serve abnormally large portions. It’s extremely common for someone to […]

U.S – China Trade War Explained

Two of the world’s largest economies, the United States of America and China have now officially locked horns with the emerging trade war between both the countries. Introduction It all began with America’s President Trump imposing trade tariffs on various Chinese goods as he firmly believed that China was responsible for the downfall of America’s […]

Environmental issues of poor societies in the U.S


Environmental issues are all around the globe. There many problems related to the environment in the U.S especially in the areas of the poor. Here are some of the environmental issues faced by the poor in the United States of America: Air pollution Air pollution is a severe problem, as poor air quality can be […]

Health issues in the U.S

Health issue

Health is the primary concern in every country. Many health conditions can lead to the death of the person. Here are some of the common health issue in the United States. Physical Activity and Nutrition Researchers have advised staying physically active can help prevent or delay many diseases which include cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes, […]