Guide to American Traditions and Culture

American culture

Think big, dream big

Americans are known to like and endorse everything big, be it food, cars or dreams. Americans do not compromise on luxury. You’ll find massive SUV’s and large trucks sprawling across parking lots and in the food sector as well. Most restaurants serve abnormally large portions. It’s extremely common for someone to order excess and then take home the leftovers.

Takeaways and Dinning out

Americans love takeaways. It not just saves time and helps them keep up with their fast-paced life, but also, it’s fun. The U.S. is a land of numerous cultures and traditions, and this results in a wide array of mouth-watering food options. Therefore it is extremely common to find that 3/4th American’s eat out for most days of the week.

Take away


The United States’ art history goes way beyond just movies, television shows and now web series. New York is home to the ever famous Broadway, and the U.S also have a very rich theatrical history.

Sports Culture

The U.S loves sports, and that is evident from the fact that people from all age groups and genders are present in every sports event that takes place in the country. Sports can be both a uniting and a dividing factor among Americans. Spirited sporty debates are always on the cards.


The U.S, just like every other nation has its cultural influences on music that has lead to the creation of a multitude of popular music forms such as; Jazz, Grunge, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, and RnB.

Freedom and Independence

Americans hold the ideal of freedom and independence very close to their heart, and they also practice what they preach. From a very young age, every American citizen is taught the importance of being self-sufficient and being able to look after oneself without anybody’s assistance. Once they turn 18, most Americans leave home and embark on an independent journey. They learn to do their shopping, cooking, laundry and pursue careers or studies on their own.


Naming protocol

Generally, in the U.S, Family, friends, and colleagues address a person by the first name or nicknames. But in a formal situation, it is an unsaid rule to use either the person’s full name or Mr/Mrs/Miss and their surnames.

Communication Style

Americans may come across as, aggressive, self-interested and rude to strangers. But this is just their need to be direct, transparent and clear about matters that reflect on their style of communication. Simple talk is highly valued in the U.S.


Daily American Fashion is known to be very casual, comfortable and extremely affordable. Comfort clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc. originated in the U.S. On the other hand, the country is also home to many high-class brands that cater to the rich, and in these cases, a lot of the fashion is influenced by the trends in the film industry.

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