Environmental issues of poor societies in the U.S


Environmental issues are all around the globe. There many problems related to the environment in the U.S especially in the areas of the poor. Here are some of the environmental issues faced by the poor in the United States of America:

Air pollution

Air pollution is a severe problem, as poor air quality can be host to many health problems. Smog causes outdoor air pollution and has become a severe problem in the urban cities. Inhaling bad air can result in higher blood pressure and eye problems, some result in asthma which is caused by the high quantities of particulate matter. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other breathing problems arise due to poor air quality.

Air Pollution

Industrial Sites and Illegal Waste Dumping

Many people live near power plants, oil refineries or waste management facilities. The waste from the industries which is not disposed of legally can get into the water system used for housing and agriculture. Improper dumping of waste can cause a lot of health problems, ranging from asthma to lung cancer.

Mercury Exposure

An important source of animal proteins, as well as other nutrients, is fish, but many fishes now contain a high percentage of mercury emissions from incinerators, coal-burning power plants situated near the water resources which has a devastating effect on the people. More than one-third of the mercury pollution in the country comes from these sites. The consumption of mercury can increase the risk of SIDS, disability in learning among children and respiratory problems.

Water Safety

The most fundamental human right is water, but many parts of the country they lack safe drinking water, they swim next to waste-contaminated beaches and also live near polluted flood waters. The water in these areas being fluoridated by which studies have shown can cause an increase in blood lead levels, premature birth, learning disabilities and also tooth discoloration in children. By having poor water quality, it has caused high rates of complications related to kidney failure and diabetes among the people.

Food Deserts

Most people in different states lack access to supermarkets and other sources of affordable, nutritious foods for maintaining a healthy diet. Food deserts have a major role in the poor health and environmental degradation. They have become the major contributor to obesity and other health-related problems in the society. There is activist across the country trying to get access to healthy food with increasing farmers to help these societies.

Lead poisoning

One of the most damaging components in the environment is lead poisoning. Poor people are eight times more likely to be poisoned by lead than higher income citizens. Many poor people have old houses had lead-based paint on their walls, which cause problems like iron, calcium and vitamin C deficiencies.

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