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U.S – China Trade War Explained
U.S – China Trade War Explained
Two of the world’s largest economies, the United States of America and China have now officially locked horns with the emerging trade war between both the countries. Introduction It all began with America’s President...
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Health issues in the U.S
Health issues in the U.S
Health is the primary concern in every country. Many health conditions can lead to the death of the person. Here are some of the common health issue in the United States. Physical Activity and...
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Guide to American Traditions and Culture

Think big, dream big

Americans are known to like and endorse everything big, be it food, cars or dreams. Americans do not compromise on luxury. You’ll find massive SUV’s and large trucks sprawling across parking lots and in the food sector as well. Most restaurants serve abnormally large portions. It’s extremely common for someone to order excess and then take home the leftovers.

Takeaways and Dinning out

Americans love takeaways. It not just saves time and helps them keep up with their fast-paced life, but also, it’s fun. The U.S. is a land of numerous cultures and traditions, and this results in a wide array of mouth-watering food options. Therefore it is extremely common to find that 3/4th American’s eat out for most days of the week.

Take away


The United States’ art history goes way beyond just movies, television shows and now web series. New York is home to the ever famous Broadway, and the U.S also have a very rich theatrical history.

Sports Culture

The U.S loves sports, and that is evident from the fact that people from all age groups and genders are present in every sports event that takes place in the country. Sports can be both a uniting and a dividing factor among Americans. Spirited sporty debates are always on the cards.


The U.S, just like every other nation has its cultural influences on music that has lead to the creation of a multitude of popular music forms such as; Jazz, Grunge, Rock, Country, Hip-Hop, and RnB.

Freedom and Independence

Americans hold the ideal of freedom and independence very close to their heart, and they also practice what they preach. From a very young age, every American citizen is taught the importance of being self-sufficient and being able to look after oneself without anybody’s assistance. Once they turn 18, most Americans leave home and embark on an independent journey. They learn to do their shopping, cooking, laundry and pursue careers or studies on their own.


Naming protocol

Generally, in the U.S, Family, friends, and colleagues address a person by the first name or nicknames. But in a formal situation, it is an unsaid rule to use either the person’s full name or Mr/Mrs/Miss and their surnames.

Communication Style

Americans may come across as, aggressive, self-interested and rude to strangers. But this is just their need to be direct, transparent and clear about matters that reflect on their style of communication. Simple talk is highly valued in the U.S.


Daily American Fashion is known to be very casual, comfortable and extremely affordable. Comfort clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, etc. originated in the U.S. On the other hand, the country is also home to many high-class brands that cater to the rich, and in these cases, a lot of the fashion is influenced by the trends in the film industry.

U.S – China Trade War Explained

Two of the world’s largest economies, the United States of America and China have now officially locked horns with the emerging trade war between both the countries.


It all began with America’s President Trump imposing trade tariffs on various Chinese goods as he firmly believed that China was responsible for the downfall of America’s economy. The U.S intends to counter Chinese trade policies such as state subsidies that makes it difficult for U.S organizations to compete against the Chinese by imposing high taxes on Chinese products that’ll result in cheaper U.S origin goods within the nation.

Goods involved

On the American side, the goods that will be slapped with extremely high tariff rates fall under a broad range of 279 product categories, which includes plastics, semiconductors, chemicals, fridges and Railway equipment. In retaliation to the above, the Chinese have a long list of 333 U.S tariffed product categories which includes, Coal, Fuel, medical equipment, buses, and copper scrap.


The U.S intends to keep the war going and will soon hit back with more product categories and higher tariff rates. Items such as bikes, animal medicine, and baby cots could be charged a 25% levy that is double the 10% planned initially. And to this, China is to respond with another tariff on $60bn of American goods.

Side-Effects of the Trade War on the U.S

Though the tariffs on Chinese products intend to secure American industries and businesses, popular opinion amongst industrialists and businesspeople is that this move by the U.S government has set out to harm their interests. The main concern is the Chinese’s retaliation that’s making U.S products far more expensive and subsequently reducing its demand. On the other hand, businesses within the U.S that rely on Chinese imports are also affected as the tariffs imposed by the U.S on these goods are making them expensive for the customers in the U.S.

Most economists worry that this trade war could result in the destruction of America’s economy and loss of jobs and possible bankruptcy of America’s small businesses.

Side Effects of the Trade War on China

The impact of this trade war on China is far more significant than the effect on the U.S as the Chinese exports to the U.S is multifold that of the U.S exports to China. Therefore, the Chinese have a shorter list of goods to increase tariffs on as compared to the U.S.

However, China has a Plan B as well. China plans to make life harder for the U.S do to set up business in China, by increasing the amount and cost of red tape.

Side-Effects of the Trade War in other parts of the world

The U.S increasing tariffs on Chinese products has a significant impact on other support manufacturing countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore. And this tit for tat between the U.S and China will lead to a 0.5% fall in Global Growth by 2020.

Environmental issues of poor societies in the U.S

Environmental issues are all around the globe. There many problems related to the environment in the U.S especially in the areas of the poor. Here are some of the environmental issues faced by the poor in the United States of America:

Air pollution

Air pollution is a severe problem, as poor air quality can be host to many health problems. Smog causes outdoor air pollution and has become a severe problem in the urban cities. Inhaling bad air can result in higher blood pressure and eye problems, some result in asthma which is caused by the high quantities of particulate matter. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and other breathing problems arise due to poor air quality.

Air Pollution

Industrial Sites and Illegal Waste Dumping

Many people live near power plants, oil refineries or waste management facilities. The waste from the industries which is not disposed of legally can get into the water system used for housing and agriculture. Improper dumping of waste can cause a lot of health problems, ranging from asthma to lung cancer.

Mercury Exposure

An important source of animal proteins, as well as other nutrients, is fish, but many fishes now contain a high percentage of mercury emissions from incinerators, coal-burning power plants situated near the water resources which has a devastating effect on the people. More than one-third of the mercury pollution in the country comes from these sites. The consumption of mercury can increase the risk of SIDS, disability in learning among children and respiratory problems.

Water Safety

The most fundamental human right is water, but many parts of the country they lack safe drinking water, they swim next to waste-contaminated beaches and also live near polluted flood waters. The water in these areas being fluoridated by which studies have shown can cause an increase in blood lead levels, premature birth, learning disabilities and also tooth discoloration in children. By having poor water quality, it has caused high rates of complications related to kidney failure and diabetes among the people.

Food Deserts

Most people in different states lack access to supermarkets and other sources of affordable, nutritious foods for maintaining a healthy diet. Food deserts have a major role in the poor health and environmental degradation. They have become the major contributor to obesity and other health-related problems in the society. There is activist across the country trying to get access to healthy food with increasing farmers to help these societies.

Lead poisoning

One of the most damaging components in the environment is lead poisoning. Poor people are eight times more likely to be poisoned by lead than higher income citizens. Many poor people have old houses had lead-based paint on their walls, which cause problems like iron, calcium and vitamin C deficiencies.

Health issues in the U.S

Health is the primary concern in every country. Many health conditions can lead to the death of the person. Here are some of the common health issue in the United States.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Researchers have advised staying physically active can help prevent or delay many diseases which include cancers, heart diseases, and diabetes, it can also prevent depression and improve mood. Aging can cause many individuals to become inactive, and you can get in contact with local churches, senior citizen centres and shopping malls for exercise and walking programs. Along with exercise, your eating habits are vital as you must eat foods rich in nutrients and avoid eating food containing calories.

Overweight and Obesity

You can die from having hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, gallbladder disease, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, respiratory problems, dyslipidemia, breast, and colon cancers if you are overweight or obese. Obesity is one of the major causes of death in the U.S.

Overweight and Obesity


It is the greatest preventable cause of illness and the leading cause of premature death in the United States. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) states that smokers who try to quit are more successful when they have guidance from their physician. Use of tobacco is called Tobacco Dependence disease.

Substance Abuse

Drugs and alcohol come under substance abuse. These are not associated with seniors but with young people who use self-medicate methods through legal and illegal drugs, alcohol which can lead to severe health conditions. Sometimes seniors unknowingly mix medications with alcohol.


About 11 to 15% of U.S aids case occur in the ages over 50. Aids in adults over the age of 50 increased twice as fast as in younger adults between 1991 and 1996. Most seniors do not use condoms, and their immune systems weaken with age and symptoms of HIV are common with old age. Due to the stereotypes of aging regarding sexual activity and drug abuse, these problems remain unrecognized. It is the main reason seniors are not represented in research, drug trials, prevention programs, etc.

Injury and Violence

In seniors, falling is the main cause of injuries, trauma, and deaths. Each year one of every three seniors between the age of 65 and older die due to falling. Some strategies can reduce injuries which includes exercise to improve balance and strength. People should build home-based fire prevention devices as individuals aged between 65 and older die in a home fire every year.


The top cause of death in older adults is influenza and pneumonia. Vaccines have been produced to prevent influenza and help the older citizens. One of the most severe infections is pneumonia, especially in women and old individuals.

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